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About Kelly

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My Story

Previously a dental nurse, Kelly started as a lash artist 12yrs ago, starting with classic lashes then onto volume and various styled lashes. 

Uk first of introducing L curls after searching for pre made L curls without success and launched them in September 2021 for other lash artists to use to create an eyeliner & fox eye effect for there clients 

Is owned by an entrapenuer A lash artist herself also who uses all the products, a dog mum who adores animals and makes sure all products are cruelty free​.

Kelly is a passionate about helping and supporting other lash artists and has some acquired amazing lash ambassadors and supporters.

Kelly designs most her packing ideas herself and has her Romanian street dog on her logo as a symbol of cruelty free and love for her dog Molly.

Kelly wants lash artists to have easy to use products that save time money & stress and bring a smile to faces with how

cute they look! 

Kelly takes great pride in packaging making them fun and exciting 

Why choose
Beauty KLC?

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Why choose us?

Because we are here to save you time, money and stress
⏰ 💰 😤

How? By teaching you to work smarter not harder in your business using our cost effective products, giving you incredible value, which will accomplish great profits!


Having been a lash artist myself the past 11 years I understand that making any fans, especially L curl fans is a difficult and a very time consuming job.

We are confident our products and lashes will improve your income, health and happiness in your business.


We have a team who handcraft all our fans so they would be the same as if you made your own fans if not better, because if like me you can’t make fans constantly perfect.

- 100% hand made fans.
- Super black synthetic mink l
- Super soft with pointy bases for better retention!

As animal lovers ourselves we love providing you with cruelty free lashes and products.


We offer mostly eco - friendly alternatives  🌱  as well as most of our packaging.⁣⁣


Love Kelly 👱🏻‍♀️& Molly 🐕



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